Top 8 Microbrewery and Craft Brewery in Bangalore

What’s a Microbrewery? What are the Top Microbreweries in Bangalore?

Also referred to as Craft Brewery is breweries that produce small amounts of crafted beer. These are local go-to pubs that serve you a fresh beer on the top right from their backyard of the microbrewery at the site. Down below we have mentioned our Top-8 Microbrewerys in Bangalore that you must try.

Bengaluru sure did take this culture and welcome it warmly, there are roughly around 50+ microbreweries here in Namma Orru itself!

1.Toit Brewing Co.

Our top position for Best Microbreweries in Bangalore goes to Toit brewing company, been drinking here since 2010, being the first-ever Microbrewery in Bengaluru is the most famous and to go places for a sesh of great craft beers and they’re to die for wood-fired pizza and baked nachos.

The place is crowded almost every day of the week, well that’s how good they are! Located right in the nightlife area of Indiranagar serving freshly crafted beers. Must try here is Toit Nitro Stout! Yes nitrogen in a beer, well this is one that gets as close to Guinness! Yes, that good.

Do check them out, also do get prior reservations before planning to visit the place! Cheers! Happy Drinking 😀

Address: 298, 100 Feet Road, Namma Metro Pillar 62, Indiranagar, Bangalore
Cost: Rs. 2,000 for two


ALCHEMY Microbreweries in Bangalore

Views of central Bangalore, the Chinnaswamy cricket stadium to The Kanteerva stadium and the skylines of UB City, a rooftop Microbrewery curated very precisely and top-level is one of the best Microbreweries in Bangalore that must try out.

The Craft beers here are from Australia, the main brewer Nate Ross a renowned brewer from Australia takes his brews to heights, well nobody in the city matches. Must-Try beers are their Speciality beers. The food is curated by Chef Hari Nayak serving some Indian delicacies with a global twist.

Must try are the Nacho Papdi Chat (Served at the table with a presentation done with liquid nitrogen) and the Mysore Pak Cheese Cake. Cheers! Happy Drinking 😀

Address: Alchemy – The Chancery Pavilion Bangalore, Residency Road
Cost: Rs. 2500 for two

3.Arbor Brewing Company

Arbor company Microbreweries in Bangalore

Arbor Brewing company ranking 3rd on our list with the best microbreweries in Bangalore. This Microbrewery gives you a lively American pub fare, serving fresh craft beers to crafted cocktails to brilliant food with a beautiful ambiance and rooftop seating.

The pub was started by Gaurav Sikkah, A Refined beer enthusiast bringing the best of the craft beer scene to namma orru from the states. Must-try beers at the place are the Beach Shack IPA, Smooth Criminal, and the Pineapple Sour.

Chimichurri Prawns, The All American burger are some food recommendations to go with these beautifully crafted beers. Cheers! Happy Drinking 😀

Address: 8, 3rd Floor, Allied Grande Plaza, Diagonally, Opposite Garuda Mall, Magrath Road, Brigade Road, Bangalore
Cost: Rs. 2,000 for two

4.Windmills Craftworks

Windmills Craftworks Microbreweries in Bangalore

Fancy dine-in place with a variety of delicious dishes to go with the freshly brewed beer.

Do try the Stout which is spot on in every sip you take with some food recommendations like Sriracha Hot Wings and Patthar Ke Gosht which perfectly balance with the brews. Cheers! Happy Drinking 😀

Address: 331, Road 5B, EPIP Area, Next to KTPO, Whitefield, Bangalore
Cost: Rs. 2,500 for two

5.Byg Brewski Brewing and Co.

Byg Brewski Brewing Microbreweries in Bangalore

This was the largest Microbrewery in Asia and one of the Best Microbreweries in Bangalore when it opened doors at the Hennur branch, eventually a crowd-pleaser, well a family-friendly place too.

Raging from huge varieties of crafted beer on the huge campus to the superb spread of the lavish dishes and homestyle dishes to go with that chilled beer could be a relaxing time to settle down from a week’s work.

Family-friendly yes too, the food will make you want to come back again for sure! We recommend the Byg Lager and the Crispy fried calamari rings. Cheers! Happy Drinking 😀

Address: 22/123, Byrathi Village, Hennur, Bangalore
Cost: Rs. 1,600 for two

6.The Pump House

Named after the first watering pump in India, this Microbrewery in Bangalore has a beautiful ambiance, a variety of interesting seasonal brews like Jamun and Mango beer, and scrumptious food makes this a go-to after a place in JP Nagar.

A really huge place with really spontaneous staff. Honey Chili Lotus Stem and Grilled Tenderloin Beef Steak are few dishes which we would suggest. Cheers! Happy Drinking 😀

Address: 607, 15th Cross, Outer Ring Road, 1st Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore
Cost: Rs. 1,500 for two

7.Geist Brew Garden

Geist Brew Garden Microbreweries in Bangalore

After serving in various taprooms around bangalore, Geist have opened one their own brew garden.

Serving delicacies from Kheema pav this place has it all! With open seating away from the city it is a peaceful vibe to enjoy your weekend. And well the famous guest craft beers, yes fright of the tap! Cheers! Happy Drinking 😀

Address: Geist Brewing Factory – Restaurant & Beer Garden, Old Madras Road
Cost: Rs. 2,500 for two

8.Aurum Brew Works

Aurum Brew Works at Sarjapur has its own calm interiors and a soothing vibe of its own.

So are craft beers on tap ranging from the Coffee Stout and Hefeweizen come highly recommended. Also, suggest you try their Mutton sliders and well probably the best ghee roast you could taste. Cheers! Happy Drinking 😀

Address: Aurum Brew Works Bangalore, Sarjapur Road
Cost: Rs. 2,000 for two

That’s our top 8 if you’d like to add a few places that we might have missed please comment and let us know

Frequently asked question

What is the difference between craft beer and regular beer?

Regular beer is mass-produced and is typically a pale yellow that is enjoying ice-cold large amounts. Craft beer focuses more on flavors and taste notes.

Why is beer so bitter?

A beer’s bitterness is measured by its IBU. A low IBU beer like a lager or Pilsner will make for a beer that is less bitter than a high IBU Pale Ale or IPA.

What does a beer’s IBU Mean?

IBU is short for International Bitterness Units this is a measure of how bitter a beer is. The higher the IBU the more bitter a beer will taste.

What is the difference between an Ale and an Lager?

An Ale is fermented in a warm situation where the yeast floats to the top of the fermenter. A Lager on the other hand is fermented in a cold scenario where the yeast remains at the bottom.

What is a lace or lacing on a beer glass?

When the head (froth) settles into a beer after being poured, it can leave a residue on the side of the glass. Lacing is a sign of quality beer poured into clean glassware. Lace is the ability for a beer to retain its head after being poured and the residue left behind is often called lacing.

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