Best Biryani Restaurants – Top 10 Famous Biryani in Bangalore 2021

Here are our top 10 Best Biryani places you must visit if you’re in Bengaluru! This comes from a guy who’s been tasting Biryani’s in and around Namma Bengaluru from the age of 6! Well from early morning 6 am military-style Biryani to late-night Andhra style all in here are the Best Biryani in Bangalore 2021.

10) Mani Biryani Hotel 

Biryani For Breakfast? Yes, If you are looking to have Biryani For breakfast, The right place is Mani Biryani Hotel. Serves one of the Best Biryani in Bangalore and at Early in Bangalore.   Mutton Biryani at Mani Biryani Hotel is the Main dish Prefered and people from long distance come to have this Delicious Biryani.Paired with fresh raita loaded with veggies and a quarter of lemon to bring it all together, there’s nothing more you could ask for. If you are looking to Visit the hotel, Its better to be there early in the Morning because of the “Q”. 

9) Rahhams

This Biryani House is situated in frazer town and known to be the Best Biryani in Bangalore as you can expect the taste and fragrence of Muslim Biryani and served hot. They have almost 6 outlets in the city of Bengaluru, not just known for Biryani but Curries and Kebabs. For, More than a Decade they are keen to be famous and serve one of the delicious Pot Biryanis. Known for the Reasonable price and Compromised flavour and Taste. 

8)  Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant

One of the famous Restaurants in Tamil nadu , Now opened in Bangalore. The roots can be found in 1957. Founded by Mr. Nagasamy Naidu under the name Anandha Vilas Biriyani Hotel in Dindigul.The unswerving nature and mouthwatering taste of Thalappakatti Biriyani can be attributed to the fact that all the ingredients were prepared by Thalappakatti Naidu, himself and took great care in doing so. They are Pretty much available at all Places such as Mg Road, Kalyan Nagar, and other places. 

7)  Ambur Biryani Point

Ambur is a small town between Bangalore and Chennai that offers the best biryani in Bangalore. It originates from the borders of chennai but operates in a lot of places in bangalore with the best taste. Ambur biryani is said to have been cooked in the royal kitchens of the Nawabs of Arcot, the popularity of the biryani has only grown through the years. A Perfect Place for Biryani Lovers to crash in for Biryani and Chicken Kebab and handles one of the best biryani in Bangalore

6) Behrouz Biryani

Behrouz Biryani, the latest entrant to the party. The biryani made with our 7 secret spices would tickle your taste buds and would definitely be a great offer for your guests. A lot of people have liked the taste and have a lot of offers to the guests. Their speciality is the Basmati rice and Special ingredients are slowly cooked with. They Specify in the amount of biryani served. Hyderabadi Dum Gosht and Murgh Tikka are two best- selling Behrouz Birayni’s. Combo’s are offered at the best prices. One of the Best Biryani in bangalore.

5) Meghana Biryani

Here’s our 5th pick from the top 10 best biryani in Bangalore popularly known for its Andhra-style boneless chicken Biryani, Meghana Biryani serves one of the best Biryani in Bangalore most flavorful Biryani one could taste! Meghana Biryani is spread across Bangalore, this eatery is a grainy lover’s all-time favorite to caters to everyone with their delicious foods! The Chicken Boneless Biryani is a super hit and must try here. A vast range of side dishes is also available to accompany the super-duper boneless chicken Biryani! While the meat-lovers can feast on their delicious Chicken Biryani, the vegetarians can indulge in their Andra Meals (which we all meat lovers secretly love too :P) served hot and fresh every day in all locations of Meghana foods.

4) Mallika Biryani

An establishment that went viral over a short period of time, Mallika biryani is situated in the Eastern part of Bangalore not too far from the main city, one of the Best Biryani in Bangalore that is a must-try. This cozy eatery also contributes to the social cause of women’s empowerment by employing mainly female employees and waitresses. While they may not have a very eclectic choice in terms of their menu, all of them are a must-try for the standard biryani lover. And that’s what makes this place special and is ranked 4th on our top 5 best Biryani in Bangalore that you Must try. The Mutton Biryani is the best item available on the menu at this eatery. The first thing you see is the huge Quantity they, serve, around 8-10 mid-sized pieces of that juicy succulent mutton meat which is perfectly cooked, and the Andhra style rice. All items here on the menu at Mallika Biryani are cooked on firewood! To accompany the biryani, you could have Boti pepper dry, a mutton intestine, a dry dish with lots of pepper and curry leaves, or opt for the super-sized crispy chicken kababs! Mallika Biryani is one to visit on every biryani lovers’ list with a superb ambiance and open space. 🤩
  • Location:- Mallika Biryani, Kothanur
  • Price:-  Rs. 350 (One person)
  • Timings:- Monday (Holiday)    12 Pm – 3 Pm ( Tuesday – Saturday)    8 Am – 3 Pm (Sunday)

3) New Govind Rao Military Hotel

This is one of those places which existed when our grandparents were kids! A 110-year-old establishment is located right in the center of namma Bengaluru is surely one of the best Briyani in Bangalore that you should try if your in and around Chickpete. This place was revamped and renamed As New Govind Rao Military Hotel in the late 2015s. This eatery serves well, biryani but they call it pulav, meaning the rice and the meat are cooked separately! The stock used to cook the meat is used for cooking the rice as it makes it even rich in flavor. This eatery is Military style serving a range of Natti-style dishes. The go-to dish here would be the Mutton Pulav! The pulav is served on a traditional Indian leaf and piping hot. The mutton is as tender as it can get and the rice is full of the natti style flavors bursting in your mouth. The hero stand-out dish here would be the Pepper Chicken! Cannot lie there’s hasn’t been another place we visited to have a better Pepper chicken than this eatery! Well, we did try to sneak in the secret recipe for it but miserably failed haha! But yes we would definitely go back for the mutton pulav and pepper chicken. And the best of all? It’s open right from 6 AM serving the Best Biryani in Bangalore.
  • Where:- New Govind Rao Military Hotel
  • Location:- Chickpete
  • Price:- Rs. 300 (For one)
  • Timings:- 6 Am-10 Pm (Tuesday – Sunday)

2) Hyderabadi Biryani House

It all comes down to the wire with the top 2 places of our best biryani in Bangalore located at Victoria Road. Hyderabadi Biryani is that all-inclusive source of fulfillment you have after you finish a meal! The Royal famous Hyderabadi biryani house is a family-friendly restaurant serving a blast of flavors through their famous Biryani! Both mutton and chicken biryanis here are equally appetizing and soothing to the tastebuds. There’s no place other than this in namma ooru serving authentic Hyderabadi biryani! Besides their delicious Biryani, their elaborate menu is packed with a range of dishes, which work as perfect accompaniments.

1) Shivaji Military Hotel

Our Top place for best biryani in Bangalore is taken by this icon/legend Shivaji Miltary Hotel. We bet that once you decide to take a dive into their rich biryani, you’d return to have it however possible! Shivaji Miltary Hotel is usually just fully packed cause well? All good things come at a price’ jokes aside, this eatery is a biryani lover’s all-time favorite. The mutton biryani has its own unique taste, spiciness, and flavor, which makes it so special that you could (well with a good appetite) have two of their mutton biryani! While at Shivaji Miltary Hotel, you can also try on their super soft Mutton Chops and Mutton Dry, which perfectly compliments the Best Biryani in Bangalore. These were our top 5 picks of the Best Biryani places in Bangalore. Well there are other Restaurants in Bangalore which you can also visit Hope you guys liked our list. Let us know in the comment section if we have missed out on any of your favorite Biryani Places. Suggested Reads: Check out our other post for Best Micro Breweries In Bangalore.

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